VIOLET (mission)

VIOLET was a collaborative OpenAir mission to develop and evolve the world’s first miniature open-source Direct Air Carbon Capture (DAC) machine - inactive effective April 2023. DAC machines are envisioned to suck carbon right out of the air and will be an essential part of reversing climate change and optimizing our atmosphere for civilization in the 21st Century. During the VIOLET mission, participants explored a variety of adsorbent materials and evaluated sensors. An effective combination of adsorbent and regeneration process was not encountered.

VIOLET serves as a platform for individual and collaborative experimentation focused on solving critical DAC technical challenges and limitations, and inventing new uses and applications for the technology

People who are passionate about DACC as a climate crisis solution, and want to contribute to VIOLET’s improvement should join this discussion. This includes folks from relevant design, engineering and science backgrounds, for sure, but also anyone who has ideas, energy and a willingness to contribute. In addition to scientists and builders, we need recruiters, storytellers and promoters. All are welcome to kick in and join the discussion.

The development progress is documented in reports:
Design Parameters of the device
Experimental Sorbent
Testing Chamber work
Humidifier vs. Sprayer?
Prototype Update
Sorbent Preparation
Container Design

Video from Prof Tao Wang giving a tour of his prototype upon which Violet is based
Sorbent cartridges from Prof Tao unboxing video
Video-tour of a VIOLET prototype
VIOLET GitHub documentation
VIOLET documents on Google Drive