Category Topics

CDR Policy Campaigns 2024

Legislation and policy proposals developed and campaigned for by OpenAir advocates to accelerate carbon removal on the federal, state and local level.

OAC Missions: Research & Development

Open source carbon removal products, objects and experiments developed by OpenAir members and missions.

Carbon Crowd

Carbon Crowd will be an online platform that will host monthly collaborative challenges that aim to accelerate problem-solving, optimization and creative divergence for OpenAir R&D missions. Launches in February 2023!

OAC Missions: Knowledge & Culture Making

Webinars, workshops and other creative content produced by OpenAir members to inform and mobilize support for CDR.

OAC Missions: Activist Business Development

OpenAir missions focused on promoting, accelerating and clearing obstacles for real world CDR projects

CDR Share

This is the place to share and debate thoughts, ideas and commentary related to CDR methods, markets, and policies.


CDRwiki is a knowledge hub for CDR concepts, methods, people and organizations curated by OpenAir members.


The community of OpenAir Collective is our members and colleagues. This category of topics pertains to knowing each other and organizing how to work together to achieve our objectives. The topics in this category are not specific to advocacy, technological development, or education about accelerating carbon dioxide removal. We are a “herd of cats” - each following our own inclinations, within the broad consensus of [where that is described], but we can often be found via:

Standard Operating Procedures

Apply your creativity to solving the problem of carbon dioxide removal - not to devising methods for how to get started working on the problem! There are methods already ironed out so just grab a tool and start hammering, or whatever.