Carbon Gardener

Equipment & Materials To become a Carbon Gardener, you’ll need access to specific equipment and materials at different phases of involvement. You can review what’s required here on this checklist.. Bed Preparation Carbon Gardening ultimately comes down to the three raised beds you’ll be setting up and maintaining at your site. At the beginning, there is some work involved in gettting everything built, measured and in place. All of the steps needed to do this are listed in detail on the Carbon Gardener dashboard that your team has access to. If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, related to any aspect of bed setup and maintenance, here’s the place to share them. Data Collection The impact of Carbon Gardening all comes down to regular and complete data collection from your beds. The Carbon Gardener Dashboard, that your team has access to included a detailed rundown of how to collect both soil and water analysis data, and how to run experiments correctly in your lab each week. Any questions, ideas or suggestions you have related to this can be shared here, including those related to: ERW Geekery This sub-category is a place where you can ask about, discuss and idea share anything related to enhanced rock weathering of interest, including, but not limited to: New Member Corner Brand new to Carbon Gardener, or still thinking about starting a team? If yes, here is where you can ask you most general questions about the initiative and what it entails, and how to trouble shoot problems related to taking the first steps.
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