OpenAir Collective

OpenAir Collective (OAC) is a 100% volunteer-led carbon removal collective, accelerating the progress of carbon dioxide removal (carbon dioxide removal) advancements. Our guiding principles are these:

  • Carbon Dioxide Removal is Essential - The future of humanity hinges on accelerating advancements in carbon dioxide removal - to reduce the worldwide concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is the goal of the OpenAir Collective (website link)

  • Self-Directed Volunteers Can Change the World

  • Communication and Collaboration are Key

  • Missions are our Work - Our work is defined projects that are conceived and led by our members. These missions span the domains of:

  • Policy Advocacy

  • Research & Development

  • Knowledge & Culture-making

  • Activist Business Development

Volunteers joining the collective become “collectors” and are invited to join a Discord server where OAC members stay in contact - though we use various other communication channels, too: this “forum” (to serve as a wiki), Google documents, GitHub and GitBook projects, YouTube, Zoom, Google Meet, email, social media, and various project management online platforms - all at the mutual agreement of the missions’ volunteers.