Mission Creation

An OpenAir mission should further our goal of accelerating carbon dioxide removal in some way. Furthermore:

  1. It should be meaningful and useful to OpenAir volunteers.
  2. It should be differentiated from other teams/missions.
  3. It should have a clear and rarely changing scope or purpose, and expected duration (albeit that may be “ongoing”).
  4. It should serve as the foundation for creating strategies, tactics, plans, and end deliverables

Each mission will be incorporated into the collective wiki, and webpage. Each mission will have plans for documenting progress, and if the plan is other than “store results in wiki articles”, then the plan should be explained in a working document accessible to the participants.

Participants of a mission communicate regularly and their method of communication is made known to the rest of the collective by Discord participation, or Wiki entries. If, for example, all the work is compiled and all interactions of the mission are in some other platform, the mission members will at least weekly make some mention of their progress or where to observe it in at least one of the ways noted above. New members interested in your mission cannot help you if they cannot discover your progress.