L-NET Straw Proposal - A Negative Emissions Tariff for Luxembourg and Beyond

The Luxembourg Negative Emissions Tariff (L-NET) is a new legislative proposal under development for Luxembourg that aims to drive and accelerate investment, deployment and cost reduction of carbon removal technologies. Co-developed by LU Member of Parliament Sven Clement and the OpenAir Collective using a novel collective intelligence relay (CIR) method, L-NET will be introduced as legislation in the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies in early 2022. OpenAir’s ultimate objective is to adapt and spread the policy to other European nations and beyond through its growing advocacy network.

In this webinar Sven Clement and OpenAir’s Chris Neidl & Kasia Mikoluk present a straw proposal for the L-NET policy and an invitation to participate in a grassroots mobilization to make it law. To add your input to the idea during the crowd input period, please go to the mission’s Your Priorities platform and share!: https://www.yrpri.org/group/10970

00:11 - Introduction
1:34 - Welcome Message from Hon. Sven Clement
5:02 - Mission Rationale: CDR is necessary and Luxembourg can lead.
8:27 - L-NET Mission and Policy Objectives 11:57 - The L-NET Collective Intelligence Relay policy development process
17:32 - Policy Elements
18:09 - Element 1: Open Participation
20:11 - E2: Tariff Differentiation
22:25 - E3: Multi-Year Contracts
23:55 - E4: Volumetric Tariff Degression 26:10 - E5: CO2 Chain of Custody
27:18 - E6: Sustainable Funding Source
29:02 - E7: Conditional Eligibility for External Projects
31:06 - E8: CDR Tax Exemptions
32:12 - Discussion /

Q&A LINKS: OpenAir www.openaircollective.cc OpenAir - Join https://openaircollective.cc/join/ OpenAir Twitter https://twitter.com/openaircollect Sven Clement’s website https://sven.lu/

Past L-NET CRI Sessions https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

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