L-NET Mission Kick-Off! - Sven Clement, Greg Nemet, PhD & Chris Neidl

Luxembourg (pop. 632,000) may be small by nation standards, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t lead its EU peers and the world by implementing big, visionary carbon dioxide removal policy. This is what Luxembourg Member of Parliament and OpenAir collector Sven Clement (Pirate Party) is determined to prove in 2022. MP Clement aims to modify and apply the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) model to carbon dioxide removal technology.

First implemented in Europe by Germany two decades ago the FIT helped catalyze global renewable energy growth and cost reduction more than any other single policy. What lessons from the FIT experience can be transferred to CDR and help support actionable impactful policy today? MP Clement is on a mission to find out and he wants your help, along with that of some of the world’s leading CDR experts.

This intro webinar featuring perspective from innovation scholar Gregory F. Nemet, PhD. will kick-off a one-month process to prototype and complete a full Carbon Negative Emissions Tariff policy (Kuelestoff Negativ Emissiounen Tarif or “K-NET”) that can be introduced as legislation in the Luxembourg Parliament in 2022. The following three weeks will include weekly 1-hour live streamed (expert input sessions to evolve the concept to completion. Viewers anywhere in the world will be given the opportunity to join the conversation and contribute their own ideas and insights. Moderated by Chris Neidl, OpenAir

For Activists Interested in Joining the K-NET mission sign up here~ - https://forms.gle/jiNdbVMcdvrnsE1J9

LINKS Session Speakers Sven Clemet, MP - - Website: https://sven.lu/
Prof. Gregory Nemet, PhD - - Bio: shorturl.at/hzCOP - Book: shorturl.at/couxQ - Website: www.howsolargotcheap.com
A Deep Dive on the German Feed-In Tariff Policy and History with Prof. Joern Hoppmann, PhD (VIDEO). - shorturl.at/evyV0
Great Backgrounders on CDR - The CDRPrimer: www.cdrprimer.org - “Removing Carbon From the Atmosphere Must Be Part of Climate Change Policy.” shorturl.at/sBDGN OpenAir - www.openaircollective.cc