L-NET Collective Intelligence Relay (Session 2)

Welcome to Session 2 of the L-NET Collective Intelligence Relay (CIR)!

SESSION PARTICIPANTS - Erica Dodds PhD, Foundation for Climate Restoration - Jason Hochman, The DAC Coalition - Lucia Simonelli. Carbon180 CIR is a collaborative policymaking method developed by the OpenAir collective. It combines the input of small groups of subject experts (this video session) with the ideas of a broader public (you!) to rapidly develop CDR advocacy and R&D concepts into actionable Missions.

  1. Watch this video
  2. Join the conversation and share your ideas on what was (and was not) discussed on the K-NET CIR platform (YourPriorities).

LINK: https://www.yrpri.org/group/10970 (You can sign in with your name only, super easy!) All ideas are welcome – just be respectful and on topic! If you are interested in joining the effort to further evolve the Luxembourg Negative Emissions Tariff concept, and turn it into legislation and then law in Luxembourg or in your country, join the Mission by becoming an OpenAir collector just fill out this form and we will let you into our Discord server shortly. https://openaircollective.cc/join/

ABOUT L-NET Luxembourg (pop. 632,000) may be small by nation standards, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t lead its EU peers and the world by implementing big, visionary carbon dioxide removal policy. This is what Luxembourg Member of Parliament and OpenAir collector Sven Clement (Pirate Party) is determined to prove in 2022. MP Clement aims to modify and apply the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) model to carbon dioxide removal technology. First implemented in Europe by Germany two decades ago the FIT helped catalyze global renewable energy growth and cost reduction more than any other single policy. What lessons from the FIT experience can be transferred to CDR and help support actionable impactful policy today? MP Clement is on a mission to find out and he wants your help, along with that of some of the world’s leading CDR experts. Follow all L-NET and CIR content here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list

ABOUT OPENAIR - www.openaircollective.cc Twitter: @openaircollect OpenAir is a distributed volunteer network dedicated to the advancement of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions essential to solving the climate crisis. Our growing global community collaborates on shared “open source” missions in the areas of research and development, policy advocacy, and activist market development. Please join us!