E45: Carbyon's "Fast-Swing" DAC with Dr. Hans de Neve

In this session of This Is CDR, OpenAir welcomes Carbyon Founder and CEO Hans de Neve to present the company’s novel, X-Prize Milestone Award winning “fast-swing” DAC process that employs a continuously rotating drum that consists of activated carbon fibers functionalized with amines.

ABOUT OUR GUEST - https://carbyon.com/ - https://twitter.com/carbyon Hans de Neve founded Carbyon in 2019 as a spin-off company from the Dutch research institute TNO. At TNO he was working on novel materials and production technologies for solar panels. He is trained as an electronic engineer and material scientist. His PhD is on III-V semiconductor materials. He worked for many years at Alcatel-Lucent before engaging in the domain of renewable energy about 10 years ago.