E34 Mission Zero - Modular, Heat-Free & Low-Cost DAC with Dr. Nicholas Chadwick

In this episode of This Is CDR, OpenAir welcomes Mission Zero CEO Dr. Nicholas Chadwick to tell us about the company’s modular, electrochemical, and low-cost DAC process, and plans for deployment and scale. Mission Zero’s technology can deploy rapidly using existing supply chains that exist globally today whilst consuming 3-5x less energy than other approaches. Dr. Chadwick will speak about the company’s unique R&D process which focuses on constraint-based and outcome-driven research, leading to expedited timeframes to market for hardware, where traditionally DAC technologies have struggled to demonstrate or overcome scaling problems.

Hosted by Toby Bryce and Megha Raghavan.

ABOUT OUR GUEST - www.missionzero.tech

Nicholas Chadwick is the CEO and Co-founder of Mission Zero Technologies. A chemist and materials scientist by training with a PhD from University College London, he has worked for many years in industries such as semiconductors, renewable energy and water security where materials science could play a pivotal role in innovation and new capabilities. Nicholas began managing a carbon capture project and became hooked and convinced that DAC was the one thing we needed and didn’t have. Through the venture builder Deep Science Ventures, he founded Mission Zero in July 2020 with his co-founders Gael and Shil. The company raised investment from DSV, Anglo American, and other top tier climate tech investors, and has been pioneering a new form of DAC ever since.