E30 Verdox's Electrochemical DAC - with Dr. Sahag Voskian and Jonte Boysen

This Is CDR is pleased to welcome Verdox Co-Founder and Dr. Sahag Voskian and Head of Business Development Jonte Boysen to tell us how the company’s scalable, cost-effective electroswing adsorption (ESA) platform technology, originally developed at MIT, can remove CO2 from the air with 70% energy savings versus conventional approaches.

Brought to you by www.openaircollective.cc and hosted by Toby Bryce and Megha Raghavan.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERS - www.verdox.com

Dr. Sahag Voskian is the inventor of Verdox’s Electro-Swing Adsorption (ESA) technology. He is also an inventor on over 20 patents and patent applications in the areas of electrochemically-mediated separations and catalysis. Dr. Voskian developed Verdox’s core technology during his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the Hatton Group as an MIT Energy Initiative fellow. Previously, he was also a post-bac research associate at Dartmouth College working on molecular machines and switches. Dr. Voskian received his Bachelor’s degree in both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from WPI working on synthesis and applications of low symmetry Metal-Organic Frameworks.

Jonte Boysen is the Head of Business Development at Verdox. Jonte was a strategy consultant for financial institutions before pivoting into the carbon removal space. He advised some of the largest North American and Australian banks on corporate investment prioritization as well as marketing, sales, and distribution strategy. Jonte holds an MBA from The Wharton School and an MA in International Studies with a focus on Africa from the University of Pennsylvania. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto.