Resources: CDR Organizations

CDR Organizations

Open Air - A distributed, entirely volunteer-led network that aims to creatively capitalize on opportunities to advance, accelerate and co-invent CDR in the real world through collaborative research & development and advocacy.

Foundation for Climate Restoration

AirMiners and AirMiner’s Carbon Removal Boot-Camp

Project Drawdown

Climate Foundation, Research Areas: Food security and carbon balance in soils and seas, mitigating climate disruption in critical eco-systems around the world.

The Climate Change Academy - Education site, diving into the technical aspects of CDR science and technology

The Negative Emissions Platform - A UK-based think and do tank raising public and policymaker awareness of CDR

The Carbon Removal Centre- A UK-based collaborative of academics and entrepreneurs focused on CDR acceleration.

The Global CO2 Initiative - their mission is to get CO2 capture and use recognized and implemented as a mainstream climate solution.

International Universities Climate Alliance - Decarbonizing Our World

The DAC Coalition - US-based organization that brings together global innovators to mobilize society for Direct Air Capture — a critical solution for addressing climate change and unlocking a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future

Its a good list! Maybe we can add the DACC Coalition?

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Thanks, Peter. Absolutely. Added.