E39 Frontier Climate and CDR Math with Dr. Zeke Hausfather

In this episode of This Is CDR OpenAir welcomes Dr. Zeke Hausfather, Climate Research Lead for Stripe to tell us about Frontier Climate and advance market commitments (AMCs), as well as to walk us through the underlying carbon math that both necessitates and constrains CDR. Hosted by Toby Bryce and Megha Raghavan

ABOUT OUR GUEST - https://stripe.com/climate Zeke Hausfather is Climate Research Lead for Stripe. He is a climate scientist whose research focuses on carbon removal, observational temperature records, climate models, and mitigation technologies. Zeke spent 10 years working as a data scientist and entrepreneur in the cleantech sector, where he was the lead data scientist at Essess, the chief scientist at C3.ai, and the cofounder and chief scientist of Efficiency 2.0. He also worked as a research scientist with Berkeley Earth, was the senior climate analyst at Project Drawdown, the US analyst for Carbon Brief, and the director of climate and energy at the Breakthrough Institute. He has masters degrees in environmental science from Yale University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a PhD in climate science from the University of California, Berkeley.