E33 Inherit Carbon Solutions with Kaja Voss and Mike Carpenter

In this episode of This Is CDR OpenAir welcomes Inherit Carbon Solutions co-founders Kaja Voss and Mike Carpenter to tell us about the company’s highly scalable CDR method of capture and geologic sequestration of biogenic CO2 from biogas, waste treatment, landfill, and other anaerobic digestion processes.

Hosted by Toby Bryce and Megha Raghavan.

ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS - www.inheritcs.com

Kaja Voss is the co-founder and COO of Inherit Carbon Solutions. Prior to founding Inherit, Kaja worked on topics related to anaerobic digestion as a consultant in an Oslo-based consultancy called Carbon Limits. She worked closely with the industry and she saw that treatment of organic waste can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions when done right and has the potential to be a source of carbon removal. Kaja initiated the first formal study of biogas + CCS potential in Norway together with the national Environment Agency in 2021. Kaja has a background in economics (University of Edinburgh).

Mike Carpenter is the co-founder and CEO of Inherit Carbon Solutions. Mike has a background in CO2 storage. He helped develop the Northern Lights CO2 transport and storage hub project as part of the Norwegian CCS Agency team (Gassnova) that supported the site selection and engineering studies. Mike switched from oil & gas to carbon capture and storage projects in 2007 and started working on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) applications in 2021. Mike is a geophysicist (Cambridge University) with a background in CO2 storage.