E01 - Moisture Swing Direct Air Capture with Dr. Xiaoyang Shi

In our very first episode of CDR Horizons we are pleased to welcome Dr. Xiaoyang Shi to share his research on innovative absorbents that can remove CO2 from the air with much lower energy use. Dr. Shi is a post-doc at Columbia University. He obtained his PhD in environmental science and masters in mechanical engineering from Columbia University. Moisture swing is an increasingly popular technology for direct air carbon capture machines, which works by absorbing and releasing CO2 based on relative humidity.

Hosted by Harshvardhan Sanghi and Charles Yang Special thanks to Neidl_c (Producing and Editing), Raj Soni (Graphics), Jared Hunter (Music) If you’re interested in following breaking carbon capture research, definitely like and subscribe to our channel for more content! Further Reading: Dr. Yang’s Google Scholar page https://scholar.google.com/citations?..