Resources: Quotes and Memes

Sometimes all you need is a quick quote or screenshot to reply to a post. Here are some good ones.

This is for those who think we should focus on mitigation and ignore the fact that we need removals

Here is a quick meme for those concerned that CDR is not yet fully mature after just a few years and limited investment

Here are the CDR principles in an overview

Five Important uses of CDR

(sorry, still looking for the source)

Some quotes from the IPCC report as visuals

CDR categories as per IPCC

Some quotes that speak to the moral hazard issue

De- and prebunking false Information

There is a persistent argument that more CO2 is good for plants and with that for the planet. It’s a logical fallacy: Oversimplification

Looking for more?

Disclaimer: this is what the website says about using the images:

The images are freely available to key groups communicating on climate - namely the editorial media, educators, campaigners and non-for-profit groups - via the Climate Visuals library. >

There is some fun stuff here: Cranky Uncle
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