E04 Basalt beyond Iceland with Dr. Graham Andrews

In this episode of CDR Horizons Charles and Harsh welcome Dr. Graham Andrews, a professor of geology at West Virginia University for an excellent overview of the enormous potential of basalt formations worldwide to securely mineralize carbon at gigaton scale. Dr. Andrews covers the basic science, the unique technical and economic advantages of basalt over other storage media, and provides a survey of global basalt ‘hotspots’ where potential is greatest, with a deep dive into exciting prospects for Northern Ireland.

ABOUT DR. ANDREWS - https://www.geo.wvu.edu/faculty-and-s… Dr. Andrews is an associate professor of geology at West Virginia University, and a volcanology specialist who studies how volcanic rocks and other ductile rock types flow and are deformed. His latest research focus has turned to the CO2 sequestration potential of basaltic minerals, and Graham is currently turning his attention to such potential in his native country of Northern Ireland. His previous research has combined fieldwork in the US, Mexico, Europe, and Canada with use of drones, GIS, and digital modeling to interpret complexly deformed rocks.