About the Sorbent Panel category

Epiphyte’s sorbent panel is the internal structure that holds and heats up the sorbent to activate CO2 absorption and desorption.

Needed optimizations to discuss in this category

For Build #1 our sorbent panel was very cleverly designed by our team, but we need to make it easier to open up so that we can swap out sorbents over time without taking apart the whole unit. So we are exploring new approaches that are more plug-and-play for build #2.

Also with our current sorbent panel the sorbent is tightly packed in to maximize quantity and therefore absorption capacity. But this causes a lot of resistance for airflow, which also has an energy cost. We need to rethink how we can get the same amount or more sorbent in the device, while also allowing for less resistance.

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Finally, we need to optimize the thermal characteristics of the panel. Achieving high energy efficiency is critical to arriving at a net-positive emissions balance. If we use too much power, that could overwhelm the climate benefit of removing CO2 with the same device. With the first build a lot of the precious heat generated to desorb the sorbent was absorbed by the metal that makes up the sorbent panel. We need to figure out a way to reduce this “thermal vampirism” so that more heat goes directly to the sorbent.