Workshop: Catalysing Carbon Removal Support in the U.K

In this advocacy workshop OpenAir, Carbon Gap & the Foundation for Climate Restoration invite activists, concerned citizens and policy experts alike to join and learn about evolving carbon /greenhouse gas removal and policy proposals taking shape in the United Kingdom, and to join a new grassroots effort to shape this course and accelerate progress.

2:30 Presentation: Overview of greenhouse gas removal concepts and definitions, and U.K. policy developments.
16:12 Panel discussion: Closing gaps, seizing opportunity and mobilizing broad support for world-leading GGR policy in the U.K. - Eli Mitchell-Larson, Carbon Gap (Moderator) - Dr. Emily Cox, C02RE - Michael Hemsley, The Energy Transitions Commission
52:15 Call to action: participate in a citizen-led effort to influence U.K. carbon removal policy directions, and scope and rate of implementation.

Workshop Host Organizations OpenAir - Carbon Gap - Foundation for Climate Restoration - https://foundationforclimaterestorati…