'Thursday': Kenya's Open Source Direct Air Capture Innovators

Octavia Carbon is a Nairobi-based Direct Air Capture project development startup that aims to establish East Africa as a leading global hub for DAC deployment and durable geostorage. The region as a whole is endowed with considerable clean geothermal energy, gigaton scale basalt sequestration resources, and no small amount of local entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

Octavia’s engineering team, led by Mike Bwondera, has developed a small, modular DAC system for critical demonstration, outreach and education purposes. The prototype unit, which can draw down roughly 1 ton of CO2 per year, is used by Octavia to build awareness and understanding of the technology among communities and stakeholders where future projects may be developed.

In January 2023, Octavia will open source their DAC design in the hope that such exposure will accelerate the evolution and improvement of critical components, while also enabling a much larger global community to gain value and learn from their invention. In this webinar Mr. Bwondera will provide an overview of the unit’s origins and design, and will highlight key aspects of the system that Octavia hopes to optimize in the coming months through open-source collaboration.


  • Mike Bwondera, Product Engineer, Octavia Carbon
  • Moderators: Chris Neidl, Charles Yang and Alex Ose - OpenAir