Resources: CDR Solutions

Portfolios of Solutions

For a deeper dive into various CDR solutions and legislation, check out the Open Air Collective Video Series

The CDRPrimer is the ultimate resource about all things CDR

The Foundation for Climate Restoration Solution Series provides videos and pdfs of various CDR solutions. You can subscribe to receive future videos and files.

CDR Horizons video series provides biweekly updates from researchers and academics on cutting edge approaches to CDR

Negative Emissions Technologies and Reliable Sequestration, a 2019 meta-study produced by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences assesses the technical and economic challenges and opportunities of all major categories of CDR. Free PDF.

Project Drawdown Solutions summarizes a range of climate mitigation and climate restoration solutions although not exhaustive for CDR.

Here is a Google sheet that tracks known DAC purchases

Despite the title ( Direct air capture: process technology, techno-economic and socio-political challenges) this publication discusses a variety of different CDR approaches.

Individual Solutions

World Resources Institute article on Building Direct Air Capture Responsibly from the Ground Up

International Energy Agency Report on Direct Air Capture, November 2021

Nature article, Concrete needs to lose its colossal carbon footprint, September 2021

Solid Carbon – A Canadian research and development collaborative focused on deployment of off-shore CDR and storage.

Lots of information about direct air capture can be found on the DAC Coalition webpage