Read Me: Low Embodied Carbon Concrete Leadership Act (LECCLA)


The Low Embodied Carbon Concrete Leadership Act, or LECCLA is state legislation developed, drafted, and advocated for by OpenAir members that proposes new climate-impact based criteria and incentives for concrete procurement by states. LECCLA was the very first bill generated by OpenAir members, originating in its very first form in New York State in Summer 2019. In the years since, versions of the bill have become law in New York, Virginia and New Jersey, with other LECCLA inspired legislation introduced in Massachusetts and Illinois as of December 2022. LECCLA has also directly or indirectly inspired or influenced elements of other local government, municipal, state and federal policy - including the Hastings Resolution (local gov procurement), the NYC Clean Construction Executive Order 23, the Federal Buy Clean program of 2022, and NYS Executive Order 22 (climate procurement).

NOTE: With the passage of the New Jersey LECCLA in December 2022, there are presently no current OpenAir-led LECCLA campaigns in progress at the time of this post. However, any OpenAir advocates in other states/countries who are interested in advancing new campaigns in the future are strongly encouraged to do so (!), and should contact OpenAir co-founder @Neidl_c for further guidance.

Lead OpenAir Advocates

  • New Jersey - Susan Dorward, Sean Mohen
  • New York - Chris Neidl (@Neidl_c) and Jamie Rogers
  • Virginia - Nikhil Neelakantan

Mission Activities

  • Legislation Development - OpenAir members researched, developed and wrote various versions of LECCLA supporting its introduction in different state legislatures.
  • Citizen Lobbying - Direct engagement by citizen advocates to build support and co-sponsorship by legislators and Governors
  • Coalition-Building - Outreach activities that aim to educate and enlist stakeholders and civil society organizations to formally support of mission objectives.

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