Potential alternative salts


The Wang et al., 2011 paper was read. The Dowex 1X2 resin appears to essentially be an unreactive cation that stabilizes the existence of the active anion. A plethora of salts could satisfy the same criteria, where the unreactive cation may perhap intermolecularly interact with the co-extruded polymer. the The anion is further exchanged from the stock chloride to hydroxide from the series of 6-7 alkaline washes in one of the first experimental steps, which suggests that any anion can be originally present in the salt.

Perhaps thousands of salts could achieve the same characteristics; have other alternatives been explored, either in literature or in experiments?

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@freiburgermsu fascinating questions. Let me see if I can pull in Dr. Wang himself to weigh in… @PeterLokken might also have some thoughts.


The OH- is used as it is one anion that can be readily replaced by the CO3-, which is the goal. Once this transition has happened CO3- will be the anion that stays there. The OH- is just serving a temporary transitional role. Essentially, the CO3- will not be able to replace the Cl- but it can replace the OH-. Thus im not sure if there will be any important gains in using a different anion for that temporary role.

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