New DACC Device

Hi Gang,

My lab has invented a new DACC method. Sometime this year we will have oodles of devices, even tens of thousands. I am thinking of distributing this to interested users and collect the samples to measure the carbon content at at various timepoints and locations. If we can get location clusters of people doing this, we can see if DAC is location dependent, such as near a highway versus living in the country.

The work is quite simple. You put our device somewhere in your home, yard or wherever, as long as you tell us where and not move the material from its location for whatever period we specify. We will share the results of the work as the data processing proceeds.

The cost of the DAC system is free. You will be helping us to do a project that has no funding source at this time but we believe is game changing and sustainable.

Right now I am putting out a feeler for who is interested. I am hoping for thousands. If that is possible, then we will need help to distribute the capture/storage systems.

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Rik Riman, Rutgers

I am interested Richard! Please let us know how we can get involved. If you are ready to present on it, OpenAir would love to host you for an overview on zoom. Just let us know. Sounds pretty incredible.

absolutely! Count me in. Let’s talk about getting as many collectors as possible on this.

Count me in! Very interested. I could also promote this to students at RVCC if that’s appropriate.

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Will do. Once we finish our patent filings, we will fill everyone in on the tech. We are running tests so we can better envision the right experimental design that will bring a positive result for all participants. We hope to have a short testing period.

Sue, wait until we a test kit defined that will catch CO2 for all participants.


We will definitely talk to you once we think we are ready. It is great to see everyone so willing to help out. Would be cool to design a test that will collectively gather a tonne of CO2 on our first try.

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Are there particular applications/sectors that your device is best suited for/aimed at? And am I assuming correctly that the scale of the devise is on the smaller more distributed end of the spectrum potentiall?

Definitely. Excited for the opportunity.

What I have in mind is is to be able to go to any scale unless I find a reason why it won’t work. Having this approach enables it to be driven by individuals who want to have a CO2 farm and sell the CO2 or just want to collect the CO2 and toss it in the trash to have it buried. We want to get industrial CO2 and even CO2 from trucks and ships. I am working on a proposal right now for a big project capturing 40 tonnes of CO2 per hour. Imagine a car running on fossil fuel that is emission-less. All we need is a tank about the size of a gas tank to take you 300 mi, then turn it in to the gas station, who sells the CO2. The nice thing about getting it going on an individual person level is we can get 1000 points of statistical data to convince people anyone can do this, so industry will sign on. All RRTC needs is about 20 kg of powder to do this to get a sample to everyone plus postage, assuming everyone will mail back their sample and cover the postage for 40 g of carbonated powder that fits in the palm of your hand…

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This is very exciting - and sorry for holiday delay in getting back to you @riman. Let’s jump on a call and discuss this in greater detail. Will DM you to find a time that works for us soon!