Matthew Eisaman, PhD

Dr. Matthew Eisaman

appeared in This Is CDR episode 6

MATTHEW EISAMAN is an Assistant Professor in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at Stony Brook University. Prof. Eisaman received an A.B. in physics from Princeton in 2000 (magna cum laude), a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard in 2006, was an NRC Postdoc at NIST from 2006-2008, a member of the research staff at Xerox PARC from 2008-2011, and a physicist at Brookhaven National Lab from 2011-2014. He holds 18 patents and has co-authored 33 papers with over 4000 citations.

Over the past ten years, a significant part of Prof. Eisaman’s research effort has been spent developing negative emissions technologies that capture CO2 from the air using the natural ocean-atmosphere equilibrium. FURTHER READING “Using The Seas to Capture CO2”, Entrevestor, June 20 2021