Federal CDRLA Overview

The Federal Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act (CDRLA) is federal legislation supported by the OpenAir Collective that would create vital demand for carbon dioxide removal necessary for scale and cost reduction.

In this forum we discuss the CDRLA policy, our summer 2022 mobilization campaign progress, and strategy and tactics to build support among legislators.

Check out this June 2022 Workshop below for an overview of the bill and our mobilization strategy to make it law.

CDRLA Summer Mobilization: Citizen Lobbying for Carbon Removal.

  • 0:16 Welcome
  • 3:56 The What, Where and When of CDR
  • 12:10 Unboxing the CDRLA Legislation -
  • 20:49 Action Overview: Engaging with your U.S. Representatives
  • 44:05 Discussion + Q&A

Further reading about the Federal CDRLA

About the Federal CDRLA Bill

For more information on this mission, join the OpenAir Discord and contact Toby Bryce @toby.bryce or Megha Raghavan @megha