Epipyte: 3D CAD models (sorbent panel and sensor-mounting box)

During the build process for Epiphyte #1, we have created some 3D models in order to plan out the assembly for the mechanical portions. Below are the 3D models (assemblies and composing parts) and some information about each one. These are made with Onshape, a 3D CAD software similar to SolidWorks. No software download nor account is needed to view, but a free account will be needed for fork/edit. Sign up for an account here: Sign up for Onshape

Sorbent panel link: Onshape

  • This panel was designed to be standalone from the filter duct (the duct with the cone shapes on both ends) and also adjustable later if different volume of sorbent to be used is desired.

  • Most of the parts come from 8020 (https://8020.net). A BOM is available here: Epiphyte - Open Direct Air Capture - Hackster.io Most of the individual CAD files are also inside this file

  • Not every single part is in the CAD file due to the numerous number of parts. Enough parts were inserted and mated to give a good approximation of how many parts were needed.

  • Please check the dimensions of your filter box and be sure that it is compatible with the sorbent panel. Our panel was a tight fit and 1/4 inch of it had to be removed from one dimension.

Small box for mounting CO2 sensors; link: Onshape