E10 Carbon Fiber from CO2 with Aaron Fitzgerald

In this installment we are pleased to welcome Aaron Fitzgerald to tell us about Mars Material’s (http://realizemars.com) efforts to develop a new pathway for carbon fiber production using captured CO2 as a raw material, and discuss his experiences with New York’s carbontech ecosystem as part of Venture for ClimateTech and the C2V Initiative’s inaugural cohorts.

Moderated by Toby Bryce (@wtbryce) and Megha Raghavan

ABOUT OUR PRESENTER Aaron Fitzgerald is CEO and Co-Founder of Mars Materials, a certified B-corp that sequesters captured CO2 into plastics and carbon fibers by converting it into acrylonitrile that can be used to create a wide range of long-lived products. Mars Materials was incubated while Aaron was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Carbon180.

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