E08 Biocatalytic Textiles for CO2 Capture

In this episode of CDR Horizons Dr. Sonja Salmon shares insights into her research into the development of biocatalytic textiles as an effective and affordable mechanism for carbon capture and removal.

More about Dr. Salmon’s research at NCSU - https://sites.textiles.ncsu.edu/texti…

ABOUT OUR GUEST - https://textiles.ncsu.edu/people/sisa… Sonja Salmon received her B.S. degree in Textile Chemistry and her Ph.D. degree in Fiber and Polymer Science from the Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. She worked for twenty-two years as a research scientist and manager at Novozymes North America, Inc. developing new enzyme products for textiles and other industrial applications, including CO 2 capture. She returned to her alma mater as an Associate Professor and Industrial Partnerships Manager in the Wilson College of Textiles where she established and leads the Textile Biocatalysis Research team and is excited to encourage the scientific paths of the next generation. Her research interests include enzyme interactions with polymers and fibers for enhanced functionality and waste management, and enzyme immobilization by polymers and fibers to create multifunctional biocatalytic textiles that can play a role in addressing global challenges like CO 2 gas management and in promoting biobased technologies for a sustainable future.