E06 PrISMa - A Platform to Accelerate DAC Sorbent Discovery

In this episode of CDR Horizons Charles and Harsh welcome Professors Susana Garcia Lopez and Berend Smit of the PrISMa project, a collaborative, multi-disciplinary technology platform that aims to discover the best sorbent materials for capturing CO2 from any source - including the air. PrISMa’s research scope for Direct Air Capture focuses on metal organic framework (MOF) sorbents, and the platform methodology combines expert screening with computer-assisted analysis to identify, synthesize, test and confirm the efficacy of MOFs for specific carbon capture and removal use cases and applications. To maximize real world impact the PrISMa tools are open-source and available to researchers anywhere in the world, operating within institutions or independently.

Find out more about PrISMa - https://prisma.hw.ac.uk/

ABOUT OUR PRESENTERS DR. SUSANA GARCIA LOPEZ is the PrISMa Project Coordinator and the Associate Director on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) at the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS) and Full Professor in Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University (HWU). Dr. Lopez’s research interests include advanced solid sorbents, materials screening, sorbents-performance evaluation, efficient separation processes for energy, industrial and environmental applications.
DR. BEREND SMIT is Principal Investigator of PrISMa, and the Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Simulation (LSMO) and adjunct professor of Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on the application and development of novel molecular simulation techniques, with emphasis on energy related applications, metal organic frameworks, carbon capture, and materials genomics.

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