CDR Approaches

This may be replaced by CDR Pathways

Examples of Carbon Dioxide Removal Approaches and Prominent Related References. Blue filled-in cells indicate that the given CDR approach is addressed in the corresponding report: NASEM, 2019, The Royal Society, 2018; IPCC, 2018.

source: J Wilcox, B Kolosz, & J Freeman (2021) CDR Primer, Chapter 1 (Andrew Bergman & Anatoly Rinberg)

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–Soil Sequestration/Biochar amendment (two things)
–Forest Management
-Building materials
-DAC and store (both DAC and Store are multiple things)
–adsorption methods: amine-like, zeolite/organic engineered microstructures
–electrochemical routes
–formation storage concepts - compressed gas, subsurface mineralization
-Coastal wetland enhancements
-Micro/Macro Algae (multiple things)
-Ocean Alkalization